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My latest for xojane is up! Get on over there and read about fat suits, recent gossip history, and how Anna Faris is basically my sister.

ETA: “cock-blocking sorceress” is my favorite thing I’ve ever written. 

The letters section of this week’s Mercury is devoted solely to my Brony smackdown. 

(BTW I have 221 twitters followers now, so suck it, dorks.)


Hey ladies. I know you’re all very busy, but if anybody is interested in being an early reader for some of my current projects (blogs, etc, less than 2k words) I’d love to have more input. I’m trying to get better and I trust you shitasses to correct what I’m putting out there.

Message me your email if interested. 

I love you.

(I’ve been drinking.)

((I really love you though.)) 

Jersey Boys was good but not great.


I’ve got a new column at xojane! 

My latest film review/existential crisis. 

I snagged this review for tumblr because I know how you pervs feel about Tom Hiddleston. 

This movie is suuuuuuuuper dumb and rad.


My live-blog for the Portland Mercury is up and running! Feel free to stop by. 


Whoa. That was a fuckton of quips. Check it if you’re already missing the Academy Awards.