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You guys: go see Pride. They lay it on thick, but they lay it on good. Take tissues, as well as any idiot family members still clinging to homophobia. 

In which I ask important question about group horseback riding and Matthew McConaughey’s terrible hair. 

Also in this week’s Portland Mercury: I reviewed This Is Where I Leave You. I’m sorry to announce that a dozen beloved actors joined forces to make a shitty, shitty movie. 

The Portland Mercury's back to school issue is out this week, and we all wrote about learning stuff! Here’s linky to my piece. 

I use my feelings in this review. It’s nice.

Fellow Writers/Social Media People

Do you guys use pinterest to promote your work? Some folks are having a discussion about it on facebook. I have a pinterest account that I never use because I hate the interface so much but maybe this something I should spend some time on??

I don’t know. I can’t imagine incorporating another platform into my internet routine.

I reviewed What If for this week’s Portland Mercury…and I LOVED IT. Fans of classic rom-coms: get there. It is delightful. 

ETA: oh and I forgot to mention in my review that you totally get to see DanRad’s butt. 4 stars! 

Feature of this week’s Portland Mercury, by yours truly.


My latest for xojane is up! Get on over there and read about fat suits, recent gossip history, and how Anna Faris is basically my sister.

ETA: “cock-blocking sorceress” is my favorite thing I’ve ever written. 

The letters section of this week’s Mercury is devoted solely to my Brony smackdown. 

(BTW I have 221 twitters followers now, so suck it, dorks.)