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Also in this week’s Portland Mercury: I reviewed This Is Where I Leave You. I’m sorry to announce that a dozen beloved actors joined forces to make a shitty, shitty movie. 

I use my feelings in this review. It’s nice.

I cannot recommend STEP UP: ALL IN highly enough.

Ten million stars. 

My latest for xojane is up! Get on over there and read about fat suits, recent gossip history, and how Anna Faris is basically my sister.

ETA: “cock-blocking sorceress” is my favorite thing I’ve ever written. 

Jersey Boys was good but not great.


This movie is suuuuuuuuper dumb and rad.

2013 Film Rankings With A Very Limited Scope

If a movie writer does not write a year-end list, is she still a movie writer? I don’t want to take that chance!

As a lowly freelancer at an alt-weekly in a mid-sized city, I take what I can get. I see some really great movies and even more terrible ones. So rather than a best-of list, I’ve ranked the stuff I’ve written about this year from best to worst. 

Note: Wow. There was a lot more bad than good this year.

  1. Jurassic Park 3D 
  2. 20 Feet From Stardom
  3. The To-Do List
  4. Beautiful Creatures
  5. Tlatelolco Summer of 68
  6. Love Is All You Need
  7. The British Arrow Awards reel
  8. Quartet
  9. About Time
  10. The Hangover 3
  11. The Mortal Instruments
  12. Arthur Newman
  13. Safe Haven
  14. The Book Thief
  15. Runner Runner
  16. The Canyons
  17. Now You See Me
  18. R.I.P.D. 

#15 - #18 basically a tie but it was important to me that RIPD was last.

Okay, off to write a lot of pitches. I can’t have another year like this. 

You will want to resist this movie. Please don’t. Watch it. It’s so, so wonderful.

(And now on netflix instant!)

An innocent query here on tumblr about The Mortal Instruments led to several hours wasted reading about fanfic dramas. (Thanks a lot, labratintraining!) I scraped together some of the deets and put them on Blogtown. Enjoy! Or, maybe don’t. It’s some seriously nerdy stuff.