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Cheers and Jeers of 1/22/2013

Cheers: I got my new coat! It’s super cute! I will be warm and adorable and happy in it. 

Jeers: I had my IUD appointment. It..did not go so well. My doctor made two attempts; I nearly threw up, then almost passed out, and then she said maybe my uterus was one of the few that just would not tolerate a device. :( 

Overall, I’ll call the day a wash. 

  1. someauthorgirl said: Oh shit, I am sorry! When my bestie had hers, I went and held her hand through the whole thing. It seemed to help. Can you maybe try again, with some moral support?
  2. -bobella- said: Did she give you the uterus softening pills beforehand and good painkillers?
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