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Jul 30

johnstamostimelessbeauty replied to your link:Help Wanted: We’re Looking for an Arts Editor!
wow way to not wait until November so I could swoop in THANKS A LOT ELINOR (also yay moving upward and onward!)

To clarify: Alison Hallett is the arts editor. She’s the one moving on! (I’m a lowly freelancer for the Merc. I don’t think I even have the authority to quit.) 

Help Wanted: We're Looking for an Arts Editor! -

Any artsy writer people looking for a job in Portland? My pal Alison is leaving the beat. You’ll have some big, smart, salty shoes to fill. 


Taking a break from work to wonder what Mark Ruffalo’s curls look like in the morning.

It’s been, like, a two hour break. 

Current status of my twitter feed.
The Onion always knows. 

Current status of my twitter feed.

The Onion always knows. 

Jul 29


I’m going to a wedding at a yacht club next month so I bought this dress and these shoes. I’m gonna make a guy with a yacht fall in love with me. If you want to hang out with me, do it soon, because I’ll probably be on my way to St. Kitts in a few weeks. 

Okay you guys, I’ve been all pumped about my yacht club wedding outfit, but it turns out that the dress code is cocktail, not aspiring wealthy boater! Does my dress still work? It is a nice material - not cotton - but I don’t know.

I could just do the bright shoes (so amazing) with a LBD? 

Jul 28

100% Definitive List: Characters on Gossip Girl, ranked

  1. Vanessa’s statement earrings
  2. Vanessa’s statement necklaces
  3. Blair & Chuck (tie)
  4. Dorota
  5. blah blah, more characters, who cares
  6. Dan
  7. Juliet
  8. Georgina Sparks

(Source: peteneems, via reelbrains)

This Monday morning calls for 3 large cups of coffee, and at least 15 uninterrupted minutes of staring at Natalie Dormer’s face. 

Jul 27


I love Donna and Martha so much that I forget how much I also love Rose. Early Rose/Ten episodes are magical.