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Important teleconference with Susie

Important teleconference with Susie

Everyone looks thoughtful but me   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #rccc

Everyone looks thoughtful but me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #rccc

Oscar is hogging the sunbeam.

Oscar is hogging the sunbeam.


Today is the day! I’ll be on a panel at Rose City Comic Con with web  powerbabes Kiala Kazebee (geek and sundry), Laura Hudson (wired), and Sarah Mirk (bitch media). We’re gonna talk COMMENTS! It’ll be the internet, live and in person.


Panel Room 3!



Los Angeles Thanksgiving is a GO!

It’s weird to eat gravy when it’s warm out, but IDGAF, this will be so fun.


Art by Rafael Mantesso [instagram]


The Portland Mercury's back to school issue is out this week, and we all wrote about learning stuff! Here’s linky to my piece. 

Reblogging my own shit in case you  missed it!

I fought a little kid. It was hilarious. 

Crackerstar Galactica

Crackerstar Galactica

But what else can you feel? NOTHING. You’re anxious and you hate your work, but you have to keep working and pulling down the tall dollars, why? Because that way you can live in the future instead of the present. You can support your boyfriend and get your babies and pay off your massive school loans. Do you see what’s happening? You’re going from what your parents want to what your boyfriend wants. You’re serving the random jackasses at the party. The random jackasses will continue to be impressed with you, and your beloved boyfriend won’t have to alter his (creative? free and easy?) career path one iota. You are the fucking captain of this ship, intimidating and impressive and special. YOU ARE A GOD.

Read the whole thing.

Stop serving the random jackasses at the party. Be the captain.

Today is my four year wedding anniversary!